About Us

We are Ollie and Lynette. We’ve been on the road, travelling this amazing world since 2014 and we’ve no intention of stopping! We’ve seen a lot of amazing things and had some great experiences. Here on this blog is where we would like to share some of our memories. Happy reading!


Ollie was working in the world of finance in the UK whilst studying for a personal trainer qualification. Keeping fit was both a hobby and a passion of his but he always felt that there was something missing. Nowadays he follows a new path and a new passion: travel. With a background in sports coaching and fitness instruction, he obtained his TESOL certificate in Thailand.  This now allows him to travel the world with opportunities to live and work in different countries. Happiest when trekking in the mountains or sampling different food, leaving home to travel remains, to this day, the best decision he has ever made!


Lynette has always had an interest in travel, having visited places alone since she was in her teens. She worked solid at her job to save enough to attend a yoga retreat in India, a trip that would change her life. She was immediately bitten by the travel bug, having felt an overwhelming desire to see more of the world. She returned home and immediately planned and saved for her next Indian adventure. On her second visit, she spent 6 months in India and Nepal and gained her 500-hour yoga teaching certificate. Returning home, she knew that she wanted more than a life in the UK. This time, with Ollie in tow, she began an even bigger travel adventure. Obtaining her TESOL certificate in Thailand, she now travels as much as possible and lives and works in other countries, teaching English. Happiest when on the road or trekking, her desire to see new places is what drives her passion for travel!

In Banaue, Philippines


This blog serves not only to share some of our memories but also, hopefully, to inspire and inform other travellers or those thinking of making that initial leap. Whether you’re heading off on a short trip or taking the plunge into a life of travel, we hope that Ollie and Lynette on the World can guide or aid you in some way, be it with a travel guide, a tip or trick or even just the confidence to go somewhere you’ve never been before.

We’d love to hear from you! If you’ve read one of our blog posts and want more information or if you’ve been there too and want to share your own experience, leave a comment or get in touch! You can contact us via our social media channels or head on over to our Contact Us page and send us a message.




2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Dear Ollie and Lynette,
    Hi !
    Wish you “Happy DiWaLi, a festival of Lights”
    Hope you remember us.
    (Bharamgude Family, Pune)
    Ref our meet @ Leh Palace on 03 Oct 2016, in little uncomfortable situation.
    I am in receipt of your mail, dated 03 Oct, but unable to answer quickly. Sorry for the same.
    Hope you both are keeping fine.
    I searched the incidence of that day in your blog, but could get nothing. May be due to, I am reading such kind of blogs for the first time or yet to read entire blog. But prima facie your blog is quite impressive.
    Any way, your better health is more important than anything else.
    Hope to see you in your next visit to Pune.
    Kind Regards Always.
    – Sanjeev, Dr. Sucheta & Shreya
    (Bharamgude Family, Pune)


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